Here is where I am offering my analog folios (also known as "paper" or "hard copy"). Each folio will feature a specific theme, or will tell its own story. I hope to offer more as time goes on and as the inspiration strikes me.

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Mark Parsons
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Lansdale, PA 19446 USA
Shelby Folio Shelby Folio

- What if a real furry went to a furry convention? Find out here in Shelby's Con Journal.
- 19 full-color plates.
- Every folio contains one original pencil sketch of Shelby!

$20.00 Each
Hung Folio Hung Folio

- A big cat who really lives up to his name!
- Eight full-color images.
- Hung's full history and mini-biography are included.
- A must-see for any hyperfurry fan! Don't believe me? Just click on him!

$20.00 Each

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